Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well, I was just thinking of a few things today that really annoy me. Here you go.

*Overly helpful people just annoy me. Seriously, sometimes I just want to yell at them! If I wanted your help, I would ask. Thank you, overly helpful.

*When people have their windows down and music really loud at stoplights. Actually, it mostly just annoys me when they're listening to retarded music. I feel like people who want to listen to music I don't like should do it with the windows rolled up, at least.

*Having my hair cut. It is always a really emotional time for me. (Emotional mainly because the only times I do it is when I finally get sick of how much shampoo/conditioner I use, so I go get my hair cut out of anger.) Sadly, the anger is ALWAYS replaced with remorse soon after. I miss my long hair, but I DO NOT miss getting my hair cut, and I don't miss how much shampoo/conditioner I used to go through.

The biggest reason I'm growing my hair out now is that I don't want to feel pressured to talk to some random lady while she cuts my hair. I really wonder if there is a "small talk" class/requirement in cosmetology school. I feel like the biggest brat any time I get my hair cut because I just don't care to share my entire life story (or even how my day's been) with the complete stranger cutting my hair. The ones that absolutely drive me batty are the ones who assume that my lack of response is just because I'm shy, so they pry EVEN MORE! If I'm not talking, I'm probably fine not talking.

*I just remembered that I used to have a yellow bird (and by used to, I mean like only a few months ago). A Cockatiel. Don't ask me what happened to my cockatiel named Sunshine, because I really don't know, and now it's annoying me. At one point, I gave it to my aunt/uncle and their kids, but they gave it back. Then it was here for a while, and now it's not.

*The way slippers disappear in this house.

*This one could probably go with the hair one, but I just hate small talk. From everyone--The grocery store clerk, the guy at the counter, you name it. Today, I went in to pay a bill, and was perfectly content with the silence. The guy I was paying, however was not. He kept looking all over (which, I'm not gonna lie, TOTALLY made me feel guilty of something) until his eyes found the window, at which point he asked me about how likely I felt rain would be. "umm.... I wouldn't doubt it" What am I supposed to say? 'Well, depending on which meteorologist you consult...' Goodness, I hate small talk. Get in, get out, get on with your life.

*It totally annoys me that I can be driving along, following every traffic law, driving a 100% legal car, and a cop pulls up behind me. *Panic sets in* I don't care what I'm doing or who I'm doing it with. I feel guilty as SIN. My heart rate and breathing do not drop back to normal until at least a full 90 seconds after the cop has left.

*I am absolutely certain there are many more, because I'm in quite the cynical mood, but for now, that's it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another smashing round of TAG!

Well, Megan tagged me, and I've never been one to back down from a dare, so here goes.

What I was doing 10 Years ago:
10 years ago, I was just coming back from my first ever experience with GIRLS CAMP. Yeah, it was tons of fun, what with the girls I shared a tent with constantly sneaking off to smoke... Little did I know, as a young, impressionable beehive, that I would go on to attend girls camp for the next 8 years straight...yeah, so what if this is my first year NOT going to girls camp?

What is on my To-Do list today?
I'll do tomorrow.
*Wake up before 9 am (this may not seem hard, but believe me, it is)
*Troll through craigslist and ksl.com to find apartments, then call on said apartments so that when Vili calls to ask about it, I will not feel guilty.
*Call HR and get a new badge
*Go play at Seven Peaks (cross your fingers it's not overcast)
*Go to Talia's house to pick up all the junk I left when I was there last week
*Decide on something fun to do for FHE (like seeing Step-Brothers =)
*Do it

What are 3 habits of mine?
*Turning off lights. I sometimes turn off TOO many lights, which tends to cause contention.
*Humming. I seriously hum constantly to myself (like a crazy person). I never really noticed it (or put two and two together to realize that other people can FOR SURE hear me hum) until the little girl I nannied for started humming all the time. It gets really embarassing when I catch myself humming and realize I've been harmonizing.
*Facial Expressions. I say A LOT with my face.

3 Things you might not know about me:
*Sometimes when I leave messages or get off the phone with someone, I repeat what I said and decide if my voice sounded weird... I think it's probably more weird that I obsess about it than however my voice sounds...
*I am able to cope with, and actually ignore most of my OCD tendencies, but most of the time, it takes a lot less effort to just give in. Especially at work. I love it, because for the most part, it is a completely structured and predictable environment.
*I fell out of our tree house and cracked my head open when I was four. Actually, now that I said that, I didn't crack my head open then. I cracked it open tripping on the only stair in the entire house... I mostly just fell a lot.

4 TV Shows/Movies that I Love:
The Closer
I adore that show. I really am attached to the characters, and it's got a good plot.
10,000 BC I don't care what anyone else says. It's a really good movie with a cute storyline.
Monk I especially love the older seasons. They played into his OCD a lot more then, and it was pretty scary how many parallels I saw between my own OCD urges and Monk's.
Gilmore Girls What can I say? I just love the witty banter, but I'm so incredibly angry that Lorelai and Luke are not married.

4 Books that I Love:
Lord of the Rings
I am absolutely astonished at the entire world and civilizations that Tolkien created. LotR is an entire world that you can escape to any time you wish. The amount of thought and detail he put into his writing is amazing.
The Book Thief This is my favorite book of the hour. It's a really interesting concept.
Chronicles of Narnia Another fantasy land to escape to. This one just comes with its own religious references
The Book of Mormon I feel like the lightning bolts or dagger eyes will come out if I don't list it. =) In all seriousness, it is a book written by my ancestors for my day. How can you go wrong with that?

4 Jobs that I have had:
Trainer at Provo Canyon School
Legal Clerk
Concessions at Keauhou Cinemas

5 Places I have lived:
Well, I've moved like 15 times in my life, but it was always between Utah and Hawaii, so:
Salt Lake City, UT
Orem, UT
Kona, HI
Makawao, HI
Kaneohe, HI

5 of my Favorite Foods:
There is nothing better than a nice, crisp salad
lu pulu If you don't know, I can't really explain. Except that most people say it looks like cat food...
Chili's molten chocolate goodness Who cares about the name? You know what I mean
Thanksgiving Dinner (sans Pumpkin Pie) I feel like it all counts as ONE because you gotta have it all or nothing. Who eats stuffing in the middle of summer?
Macadamia Nut Shortbread MMMmmmm! is all I need to say

Who have I tagged:
My mamma

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Well, yesterday I went to Idaho for a few hours because we were having a family gathering in memory of my dear sweet Grandma, Jenna Lee.
I did not know anything was going on until Thursday night after work. Vili and I had to work Friday at 3, so we knew that we would probably spend about as much time in the car as in Idaho, but we decided to go for it. I am so glad we did. It was so wonderful to see all my family again, and it was amazing to be able to sit at my grandma's grave an entire year after the fact and not feel the aching pain of missing her.

Jenna Lee 1935 - 2007

I also realized yesterday just how good life is. I am blessed with an amazing family that, despite my weeknesses, loves me. I am happier when I'm with them than any other time, and I cannot wait to spend eternity in their company. I am blessed with busy, active, loving nephews, and the most adorable niece/princess anyone could want. The best part is the kids are all returnable =)

The bottom line is this; I am blessed to live in the beautiful (even if it is brown-colored) Utah Valley. The earth is a beautiful and majestic place and I am so glad to be here. I am absolutely blessed to be a citizen of the United States of America. It is a land of promise and I am proud of its great heritage.

All around, Life is Beautiful

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Favorite Links

Entertaining to read.

More true than I want to admit.

Makes me feel like there are other people out there.

On occasion funny.

It's funny laughing at other people's failures.

Favorite Posts

Latu couldn't decide which of her posts were her favorite, so she had me (her younger sister) pick my favorites.

I picked my top eight, though there are certainly more good ones in her archives. Some of these are funny, some are serious, and all of them will--true to my sister's talent--make you think about life in a different way.

About Latu

Well, my name is Latu. I am a 23 year old, on-again, off-again college student. My eventual goal is to become a Guardian ad Litem, so technically I am Pre-Law.

That about covers any small-talk questions you get while attending school, (name, age, major, and what you'll do with that major) but I am not finished :)

I work at a juvenile treatment center in the Provo, Utah area, and quite like my work most days. I am pretty bipolar with my personality; sometimes my bleeding heart drives me crazy and sometimes I am just the meanest cuss you've ever met. I try to stay pretty pleasant, but I can make no promises for people who wake me up in the mornings.

Once, I had surgery that they promised to wake me up from immediately after. Well, 4 hours after the surgery is done, I remember the nurse talking to me and just wanting her to shut up. I woke up to find my arms and legs strapped down and the nurse extremely frustrated at having to spend hours waking me up. I don't think she understands how extremely frustrating it was for me that she would not shut up no matter how many times I tried to swing at her!

I hate the color test (red, blue, white, yellow personality types) because none of the answers ever apply perfectly, and I feel like people judge me off inaccurate answers. That being said, I am half red, half blue.

I am quite critical of everyone. Some people get offended and emotional about it. I usually just get over it and brush it off as normal.

I get over things easily. It is a blessing and a curse all in one. Sometimes, I wish I could freeze my anger and thaw it out to use again later, but usually I end up forgetting why I thought any given situation was such a big deal. Good thing for traumatic situations, bad thing for holding grudges :)

Well, I really am not sure what I was supposed to write here, and I hope I am not getting graded on this, but that's about me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sun Poisoning

Well, this is the first summer in a while that I have really felt like just laying out and getting dark. (Probably because I was SO frustrated with the winter that never ended this year)

It's also the first time I've ever experienced sun poisoning. *Insert horror-movie scream*

It's awful. I really do pity people who get burned a lot and have to deal with this a lot.

Until my 2nd degree sunburn heals completely (which basically entails me never seeing sunlight) any time I go into the sun, I break out in tiny white blisters all over my shoulders. Somedays, I don't even think about the fact that I'm going outside. Other days, I put on some sunscreen but forget to reapply it. Pretty much, either way, I break out with blisters. There is no escaping it. It is incredibly frustrating, especially because the last thing I feel like doing right now is sitting inside for a week or so until this sunburn can heal.

My life is just so difficult =)

Oh yeah. Also, I got peed on by a dog at a 5th of July BBQ. ><

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Secrets

I am a big fan of Post Secret. Here are some of mine. Mostly, they're random thoughts I have that I feel like are too short to warrant an entire blog post on.