Monday, September 27, 2010

once upon some times

well, his post is gonna be a lot of once upon a times. :)

once upon a time, i forced myself to throw up so i could leave work early and go watch my baby brother's football game. that was at 3pm. i spent the rest of the evening on the verge of really throwing up. karma is a b*tch and i probably should have stayed at work.

once upon a time, i spent a few months sneaking out at night. my friend and i would push my brother's car down the driveway and down the street, before jumping in and starting it. we got more and more nervy with our sneaking out as time went on. eventually, i stopped jumping out my window and just left through the back door. one night in particular, we pushed the car right past an rv that was parked in front of the house and came within inches of hitting it.  we laughed it off and continued on. the night that halted our escapades was when i spent about 4 minutes stalling the car all the way across an intersection and into an arby's parking lot. that same night, when we came back in the wee morning hours, my baby sister was waiting for me in my room. she claimed that someone had tried to open my unlocked window and come to rape her. for some reason, in her story, this person merely opened the window and stuck their head in, then closed it. no matter how unplausible her story, i decided i would not sneak out again. i could not afford to let my sister get kidnapped, just so i could sneak out. i thought we were so devious and sneaky. now, looking back, i realize we were just dumb. (and my sister was just caught up in all the elizabeth smart drama)

once upon a time, my favorite past time was stealing caution cones and cross walk flags. i would use them to mob people's cars. cake mix, saran wrap, and oil make the best materials.  so much more fun than toilet papering a house. almost as much fun as power boxing a house/apartment complex.

once upon a time, i had a conversation with a friend about having never seen a ghost or had anything creepy happen to me. less than a week later, i saw a ghost at an abandoned house in american fork.

once upon a time, we looked up the sex offender registry in a civics class. building up to this (required) search, we made lots of hurtful and unnecessary comments. i guess what high school kids wouldn't?  anywho, as it turns out, the father of a girl in our class is on the registry. she pretended to be shocked, and  left immediately after that and dropped the class. i can't even explain how awkward it was, or how badly i feel about it still.

once upon a time (ok,so this past saturday) i cracked my sternum. you can clearly trace the outline of one of my ribs as it attempts to connect to my sternum. it is swollen and hot to the touch, but ibuprofen helps a little. it hurts to exhale, it hurts to twist, it hurts to bend down, it hurts to stand up straight, and it hurts to touch it. basically, it just hurts. hahaha.

once upon a time, my daddy was working on a hotel construction in maui. because of hawaiian laws about construction in the area of burial grounds, construction would have to shut down if they unearthed any kind of remains. so, my daddy would bring bones to work (chicken, steak. you name it) and hide them, only to "find" them whenever he wanted an early weekend.