Wednesday, February 24, 2010

nothing to report...

i don't really have anything to report, but i feel like posting. this post will not have any capitals or weird punctuation requiring the shift key, because i ripped the shift key off my computer.... yeah folks. basically, this is what happened.

i somehow spilled water on my keyboard (ok, so i spit water on my keyboard/computer) and in an attempt to keep my keyboard from frying with the water, i ripped off all the keys from about the p on over to the right. then, i dried up all the water i could find and began replacing the keys. all of them went back just fine except the shift key. that one was not so easy, and even after watching three videos and how-to's, i still could not get it to stay on. not a huge deal, i thought, until i realized that i basically never use the left side shift key. so, my life has basically either gone without shifting or shifted very slowly because i have to remember where the key is on the left hand.

i would insert some pretty symbols or wavy signs here if i had a shift key...

i am basically crazy. the other day, i was at work and had just opened my paycheck. after looking at it, finding out how much pto i had, and how much overtime i'd worked, etc. i realized that i had opened the check 'the old way' aka, opened the flap, just like you'd open any other letter. not a problem except for the fact that i remembered that last payday, i opened my check from the side and really liked how the check was free of weird hanging flaps of paper.

not wanting to be outdone by myself, i reinserted the pay stub and proceeded to cut open the side of the envelope then tape shut the flap. keep in mind, i am not alone, in the privacy of my own office. i am in an office, surrounded by three people, all of whom have since stopped talking in oder to observe what on earth i was doing. it wasn't until they asked me about what i was doing that i realized how crazy i had been. i was embarrassed that i had done it just then, but not so embarrassed that it cancelled out the feeling of calm that i got when i had fixed the envelope.

well, that concludes the typing for now. this post is really annoying me because it's got no capitals or punctuation that i like. the countdown has begun to my birthday, or as my cousin puts it, my two dozen benchmark.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I was reading this blog (you'll have to go to the next page back to read the whole story) at the suggestion of my Aunt Michelle. I am literally speechless. The writer has let us into an extremely personal, traumatic, and painful week of her life. I was in tears while reading it and teared up again when I explained it to my mom. The woman's first-hand, no holds barred, account of her son's accident was just so relatable.

It made me feel like I was living the nightmare along side her. The mother is an amazing writer, and I am still speechless. There is nothing I can say that will fix anything for her; nothing I can do to help, but I want to. I wish I could fix this for her and her family. I wish it were a book that I could skip to the end and read the ending, ensuring myself that everyone lives happily ever after. I cannot do any of those, and it bothers me. I suppose I will have to make myself content with prayers on their behalf and finding a way to distract myself from the feeling that my heart has dropped out of my chest.

I am a very blessed girl, and I am grateful for the example of others, like the Staker family, who put things into perspective for me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, I like to keep busy. I hate being bored, and the things I do when I am bored usually eat up a lot of gas in my car, money, or just time and effort. (Hence the fiddle.) So, I have been trying to keep busy at work and pick up a lot of extra shifts. The thing that I forgot when picking up all these shifts is how long your day is when you work 16 hours straight.

My daddy's in the hospital right now. It's mostly just the same heart crap he's had since I was in high school. Lots of tests the last few days, and not many answers, but he should be fine.

My 24th birthday is coming up. I am kinda devastated by it. I don't really want to turn 24. I am not even sure why, but I'm just not excited for it. I guess it's a good thing I'll be in Vegas for it. Nothing like a buffet and show to make you feel good about being old :)

I got bitten the other day at work. Through three layers of shirts. It drew Blood. Left a nasty bite mark. (Ok, that's the end of my drama :) I'm now on antibiotics and trying not to be paranoid that I have some weird disease or am now a vampire. A werewolf would be better than Vampire. They at least get a few weeks' break from being crazy. :)