Friday, September 26, 2008

And still the sun shines...

In some sort of cruel irony, on this beautiful day, I just found out that one of my really good friends growing up has passed away. I am still in the denial phase right now, but I know that next phase is coming so fast. I guess I should take advantage of the fact that I can look at the situation with almost no emotion right now.

I first met Evan Chang in Summer Strings. It was June of 1998. We were both 12, and the world was at our fingertips. It's hard to think that that was 10 years ago. He was the cellist I wished I was; dedicated, focused, and just naturally talented. That tended to be the trend with Evan. He was also one of the truest friends I've ever had. He was always there for me, whether I put him in the fore or background of my life through the years. He truly was a special person, and I'm grateful that I knew him. His life was cut so short, but I am glad that he has finally found some peace.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kinda random bits...

So, here's the scene. I have just accepted a new position as a Tracker at a Jr. High (Trackers track the attendance and behavior of students; catch high-risk kids before they spiral too far downward, make referrals to Truancy school, participate in IEPs, etc.) The principal takes me to the top-secret key closet to get the Tracker's keys. After we grab the keys, we go back to his office to inventory them and fill out the paperwork. There are TONS of keys on the ring, as well as a whistle. He makes the comment; 'you know, I don't think I've ever heard this whistle blown' and continues to inventory the keys. It's not until he inventories the third gym key that he decides to look more closely at the label on the keys. Yes, folks. He had grabbed the Track keys, not the Tracker keys. I was almost tempted to ask if I could keep the whistle =)

Well, after working 11 days in a row, I have the day off today. It's not the longest amount of days in a row I've worked, but it feels different because I've been working a lot more doubles. I am getting used to having two jobs, and I don't feel as frantically busy (or tired) anymore. I mostly am just getting used to how busy I am and I think I like it. I have never appreciated my free time like I do now. I feel more productive because I'm constantly working, but also because I'm learning to make my time off be more productive.

Good things that have come from working at the Jr. High:
I guess kids aren't always trying to manipulate. Crazy.
I realized that I absolutely LOVE my other job
I have a really good threat for Small Brother if he ever decides to act out or be bad at his Jr. High
Getting paid a month behind means I'm getting a check in June after NOT working for a month.
I am picking up some useful Spanish (well, useful if I'm ever buying drugs or cussing someone out)
I am sure there are more pluses to working constantly with teenagers, but I'm about to be late, so I gotta go!