Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My sister refuses to blog

Well, my sister refuses to get herself a blog, and I think these pictures are adorable, so here are some updated pics of the Princess and Mo [Edit: After I posted this, I emailed her a copy of it, and inspired her to finally start a blog =) The kids are still cute, though!]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Genius Ideas =)

Well, I got a gift card for Christmas to a department store that I never (ever) go to. I knew that I did not really want clothes or shoes, but I had really wanted to find a new perfume. So, I had this really good idea to use the gift card for perfume.

So far so good, right? Well, because I worked every day (usually doubles) for two weeks after Christmas, I figured I would "beat the crowds" and just buy it online. So, I went to the store's website, read some reviews, and bought me my perfume. No problems there, right? I even got free shipping!

Yeah. It was not until after the box arrived and I had ripped it open, that I realized (actually, I had to have it pointed out to me by my mom...) perfume is officially on the There are some things you just should not buy online, list.

Never heard of this list? Neither had I, but I imagine that it includes such items as wigs, cars, makeup, wedding dresses, perfume, undergarments, caskets, tattoos, bathing suits, artwork, real estate, shoes. (it's got a lot in common with the Things you should NEVER buy used list) Either things that cost insane amounts of money, or things that, in order to function properly, really need to be smelled, tried on, and compared to twelve other options, before being finally chosen (Overall, things that need to be seen/bought in person)

The bottom line is this; If anyone knows of a grandma-type person (or someone else who has lost most of the function of their nose) who wants some extremely strong perfume, it's available currently on ebay. =)

Monday, January 7, 2008

About time...

Well, I figure it's about time to write another blog. I decided that I am pretty much an every-other week blogger, and it's coming up to pay day again, so here goes. :)

It's weird to think how quickly time has passed for me, and how much changed in 2007.

On this day in 2007 (well, ok actually the 5th), Talia and I were in Denver for the day, rushing around like crazy people to get my passport so I could fly to Australia on the 8th. Masey was an adorable infant, Mosese was my constant, adoring companion and my sanity. Beautiful little Jenna Lee was just a faraway dream. I was a live-in nanny, and I was getting ready to fly across the world to spend the rest of the month of January in the Land Down Under.

In 2007, I met each of my dad's four sisters, and all of my first cousins on that side for the first time. I flew (by myself) to the other side of the world, and watched water drain clockwise. I spent almost a month with complete strangers who also happened to be family, and learned a lot about myself and how blessed I am to live in this great nation.

2007 was the first full year in my life that I did not attend a single class in school since I turned 5 and went to Kindergarten. (I did some independent study/online courses, but did not step foot in a classroom.)

2007 was the year that I turned 21. Wow, I'm legal. I almost feel like a failure because I have done nothing special since becoming "legal" No drinking. No gambling. No car rentals with the $10-a-day surcharge. I haven't even had to renew my drivers license yet.

2007 was the year I bought my first "real" car, complete with payments, insurance, etc (I figure the $300 car my parents bought me in High School does not really count)

2007 was the year I got my first credit card (and with it my first credit card debt)

2007 was the year of the most unbelievable Girls Camp ever. (complete with bear sightings, cougar sightings, rattle snakes, me running over/bursting the water pipe that supplied the camp with water, me falling off a bridge and getting a compression fracture in my heel, having to rush one of my girls down the mountain to the hospital after 11 of the girls were stung by a hive full of angry hornets)

2007 was the year of my Grandma. I spent the first half of the year making every effort I could to spend time with her and make memories with her (and by default, my family); and the last half of the year making every effort I could to NOT think about her or spend any time with my family. I learned that I can survive without my Grandma, it's just not nearly as comfortable or easy as having Grandma around.

2007 was the year I decided that I hate small children, and it was probably time to quit my nanny job.

2007 was the year I started my first "real" job; complete with 401K, retirement planning, stock options, and office gossip...

2007 was, overall, a year full of learning for me. I like to think that I learned a lot about myself, the world, and life in general. Hopefully, when I look back at 2008, (which I am beginning to think will be the year of Obama) I can say that I've made as much progress as I did this past year.