Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Day

Today was just a good day. Nothing incredible happened and it was actually a slightly busy day at work. It was also just an all-around good day.

I love days like today. Days like today tend to make me focus on the smaller things in my life, the tender mercies, that I am so grateful for. There is no great flash of happiness to focus on, so I am forced to focus on the small things.

I love my car. I am grateful to have reliable transportation. It is a total gas hog, but I feel like it is one of the last few Great American cars. I have wanted a Durango since I was 12 and we rented one. It is truly my dream car. =)

I am so grateful for my daddy and that he is still here. Last week, he and my small brother were in an accident. They literally almost flew of point of the mountain, and I am overwhelmed by my gratefulness that they are still here.

I am grateful for the amazing people I work with. They keep me grounded and sane.

I love my heritage. I think it's awesome that I have so many different cultures and backgrounds. I love that my mom just found an article from when my dad passed the threshold between Illegal Alien and Resident Alien. It's an interesting blast from the past.

I adore the brown boy, my younger nephew. He is adorable to be around, and notices the smallest things that, in his mind, are the most amazing finds ever. I love that he will lapse into some foreign language midsentance, and keep on chattering like we should understand every nuance of his make believe language.

I love taking naps and then waking up in the evening, freaking out at the time, only to find out that it is 8:00 p.m. and not a.m.

I love the smell of Gain. Just regular-old Gain laundry soap. It's such a treat to pull out clothes and have them still smell awesome.

The most amazing part of my day happened when I ran to the post office. A little back story: I have to cross a big-ish street to get to the post office, which usually entails me waiting at the light to get there, and then waiting forever on the way back. Not today! I made the light both ways, and never had to stop. It was pure joy!

Such a great day.