Saturday, June 23, 2012

trek on

years ago, i got super good advice from my uncle darl. he told me something along the lines of if i did not take pictures, no one would believe i'd been there/done that. i hear his voice telling me that constantly, and it is so true. journals and books and family histories are really only awesome when they have a photograph accompanying it.

a few months ago, i went on a 4 day trek with my work. it was awesome, i really loved it. it was great to get out in nature, prove to myself that i can survive on necessities, and prove that i can do hard stuff (omg, my backpack was enormous, and we hiked miles and miles)  well, tomorrow (or technically today) i am going on trek again! it is with another program from the company i work with. i really don't know much about what or where or who i am going with, but i know there was an emergency and i need to fill in for the next three days.

the idea of going on trek is exciting, i am excited to go out in the wilderness and just be one with it! the idea of not knowing details is scary, and the fact that i am wide awake at 3 am is terrifying, i only have 5 hours until i leave! i should be sleeping!!

anywho, the point of this post is more than to freak out about trek coming up. it's kinda a catch up post. i know it has been months since i posted, and the knowledge that i am so behind on my life is stressful. so, i will fill the internet in on the biggies :)

i went on trek, but i have no photographic evidence, so feel free to not believe me.
i became a supervisor at work.
i am coming to terms with the fact that my synthroid (wow, long story, but when i was in high school i had to radiate my thyroid and kill it off because it was working way too hard and damaging my heart, now i take hormone replacements for my non-existent thyroid) basically makes me allergic to the sun. i get nasty sun/water blisters all over. nope, no pictures of those either. call me a liar all you want.
i turned 26. wow. i am officially on the downward side of my 20s.
i went to england, scotland, wales and france. that needs a post of its own. or two or three. one of these days (surprise! i have pics of this one!)
my grandpa is going to be the grand marshal of the malad 4th of july parade
the 5 year anniversary of this blog is coming up way too fast.
i have not been to malad in months and months
i discovered a weird love for swimming in utah lake (don't judge. it's not as gross as the stereotype would have you believe)
i am filling in these spots with useless chatter to create the illusion there is lots more going on in my life.

sadly, that is not the case, haha. anyways, i am going to go and try to sleep, i have 4.5 hours until trek! and i am taking my phone on this one, maybe i will actually document it! proof, suckas!!