Wednesday, May 9, 2012

well, here i am, at boston's logan airport. i am heading to london in a few minutes. it's weird, being here, looking out at the overcast, foggy sky. i'm definitely not in utah anymore.  all of the announcements are being made in a thick new england accent. i guess it's good practice for england and paris.

i always have these huge plans, to travel the world and meet new people. what i am realizing is that the older i get, the harder that is getting. i have left the country once before (mexico does not count) and am about to do it for the second time. i have so many thoughts about going to england. part of me is scared. part of me would love to hop onto the flight to salt lake. it's one gate over and boarding now. part of me wants to just sit and type, but i don't really know what i want to say...

i guess i want to just validate myself for following through. anyone who knows me, doubted i would go. well, this is one time you doubters were wrong! london, you better get ready!