Saturday, July 7, 2012

fourteen, eighth grade

describe 5 strengths you have.

wow, this one is just as hard, maybe harder than he weaknesses was. for some reason, i feel like i will be judged more by what i write in this post than the weaknesses i have. if anyone disagrees with these strengths, please feel free to shove it. i don't want to hear it, haha.

i would say one of the strengths i have is patience. i do not always possess it, but i am capable of a lot of patience. i wish it were something i was born with, but i learned patience by


another strength would be empathy. it is easy for me to feel empathy and sympathize with others. sometimes, i wish i did not; that i could just ignore their humanity. but, those moments are usually pretty short-lived

i like to call this next one my resilience (actually, i just pulled that out of the air, but i like it so i am running with it!) i am able to get over stuff easily. my anger, like my willpower is a sprinter, not a distance runner. i get mad, but it is always short-lived. sometimes, i will write down why i am mad, imagining my future self feeling just as miffed, offended and angry about the situation. in the moment, it feels great to envision my future self on my side, supporting me in my fury. it never works out like that. any time i come across something like that, i laugh inside at how angry i used to be. when i was in high school, i got mad at my mom. i have no idea why, but i was mad. i wrote a passive agressive note to my mom. behind my door, and in some weird code. it might have been the longest i have stayed mad at someone, because i put tic marks below it i think marking days i was mad. i really wish i could remember what all the crap i wrote meant (my teenaged self would be disappointed in me. i was convinced i would NEVER forget that situation or my anger) i was just inspired to take a blurry, poorly lit camera phone picture of it. while doing so, i realized just how much i wrote on my walls in sharpie during high school. like my smallest brother, who was 4 at the time, i thought writing on the walls with sharpie was awesome!!

anywho, here is a pic of the wall.

i like to think of myself as intelligent. not intelligent in the you-really-should-stay-in-school-and-graduate kind of way, but intelligent in the you-are-one-of-those-special-people-who-can-get-an-education-without-ever-stepping-foot-in-a-classroom sort of way. of course.

i guess another strength i have is my sense of duty. i do a lot of stuff because i feel honor-bound or duty-bound or guilt-tripped into doing it. i think this is a good thing, and something more youngsters could learn more of. it helps me balance my inherent desire to be selfish.

anywho, that's it. that's my list. maybe one day, i will share some more teenaged stories, like the one YEAR where i called everyone sexys. cause, you know. high school and all that...