Wednesday, August 25, 2010

you make me want to float away

this old man turned 57 today.

we can't talk about today as his birthday, though. when he was born, his mom waited too long to register his birth. to avoid paying a fine for beingso late, she told the government his birthday was two months later than it really is. so, for most of the world, he is still 56. but you and i know the truth.

i have so many things to say, its hard to even put into words. i love this picture so much. almost as much as i love this old man.

i am so grateful that he let me take this picture of him. usually, he brushes us off or will make goofy faces, but this day was different. i have always thought that i am a white version of him, and i think this picture shows that pretty well (ok, ok, i am prettier and younger!)

one day, i want to have smile lines permanently surrounding my eyes like his. if the smile lines on my cheeks never leave, i'll be a happy girl. i want to wear the signs of a happy life on my face, for the world to see. smile lines are by far the most beautiful part about growing old.

on this day, when i remember how old my daddy is, i also remember how fragile life is. i am so grateful he is around still. 5 years ago if you would have told me he'd still be around and kicking, i would have kicked you cause that's not funny.  but here he is, 57 years old (or 56, depending on who is asking!) and still going. i am eternally grateful for his presence in my life, and i pray he sticks around another 5 (or 50) years!


The Maumau's said...

You know you get smile lines from smiling....LOL!!! Just joking! This is a great pic sis! and a great tribute to daddy! love ya!

holo said...

That is really really nice.

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Yes! I love your dad too! He's truely like my 2nd dad growing up! I absolutely love this picture of you two, you do look a lot like him...but prettier & younger, like you said!! Love you La2!