Friday, July 27, 2007

Might as well keep going!

I really like small towns. They tend to be quiet, slow places where you can really hear yourself think. Every time I come to a small town, it seems so peaceful and restful, like the rest of the world can go away but this town will stay as it has always been, untouched.

Most times, I like the quiet; it gives you a chance to think and make decisions with a clear mind. This time, however, I am wishing for the rush of my normal life, I am wishing for anything else to distract me and keep my mind busy. The charm has left this place. This town is tainted. Like other small towns, it remains in the past; the only difference is that this town's past is a sad one, surrounded by reminders of my Grandma.

One Day, I know I will yearn for any reminder of my Grandma, but for today, all I want is to escape this place and all its sad reminders.