Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well, here I am, at work. It's 5:00 am, and I've got two more hours left of nightwatch before I can go home. I'm perched on the floor, 7/8 of the way down the hall, at the only spot where there is an internet connection, typing away.

I figure now is as good a time as any to blog, especially because my mom updated her blog. I would seriously feel like a loser if I didn't update mine also!

Not much is going on in the life of Latu right now. I got my first pay check (or will get it tomorrow) with my new supervisor's raise, and I can tell you it sure makes it easier for me to come to work, knowing I am making what I used to make at time-and-a-half =) I've worked about 14 of 16 hours so far today, and I am so ready to go home and sleep. Even the empty beds are looking appealing at this point.

I'm going to Nauvoo--the city of Joseph--with Vili and his ward at the beginning of May. I cannot even tell you how excited I am, and how much I am looking forward to that great experience! I am excited to see the sights, go to the Nauvoo temple, see Adam-ondi-Ahman, I am even excited to be bitten by Mississippi River mosquitoes!

Probably the only other interesting bit of info is that I sprained my knee pretty badly a week ago, and it's just within the last day that I've been able to bend it enough to sit on the floor, bend down, jog, get out of chairs, etc. The gist of the story is that I, along with about 10 other staff, pretty much got told by a girl we had for a few days, who ended up being HUMONGOUS and assaultive. My ankle constantly cracks now, and I've been trying to hide my limp for days, but for the most part, my knee's a lot better; I've got nothing to complain about! (except for maybe my lack of sleep, but complaining is not going to fix that problem!)