Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wordy wednesday

a lot of my cousins do something called wordless wednesdays. basically, on wednesday you post a picture of your stinkin adorable kids and don't put words. pretty simple, right?  well, i have no stinkin adorable kids, so i decided to do my own wordy wednesday. you basically post words on a wednesday. super simple.  my kind of post.

so, i sprained my ankle (again). apparently, walking and thinking are too hard for me to do at once. i was seriously just walking, not even super distracted, when i felt my ankle pop. next thing i know, i was on the ground. could it happen in one of the many dark, deserted walkways at uvu?  nope. it was in the most crowded section, at one of the most crowded times. sometimes i hate my life.

i also cut a bunch of hair off. i can't remember if i already blogged about it, and i'm kinda too lazy to look. so, there you go!  i cut my hair!  i donated it to locks of love, and imagine that a cute little cancer girl is running around with a pretty new wig. (i don't care what vili says. that's what happened to my hair) now that i cut off all the ends, i am realizing that my hair is really dark!  i can't wait for summer and my light brown hair to return.

mason prays that our food will "nursery shrink" our bodies. every time.

i am going to disney world in 13 days. yeah baby!  i am so excited. in case any of you have never spoken of the big dw with me, here is the scoop: when my parents were prego with me, they took my older siblings to disney land. that was the only trip my family ever made there. thus, i have lived a sheltered and deprived life, having never been to disney world/land. in 13 days, i'm going to fix all of that, and to top it off, i am going with mason. i hear going with wish kids is pretty awesome :)

when we lived on maui, we had chickens. i had a love/hate relationship with them. the hens were cute enough and laid eggs, which i was always mortified to find out my parents ate. my chicken was called spotty, and he was a rooster. i know what you're thinking but he was not your typical crow in the morning and walk around all day, rooster. he was a filipino fighting rooster, and he was mean. he would peck at our feet and chase us out of the yard every morning when we had to feed/water them before school. (remember that i did not ever wear shoes to school in maui) randomness before the real reason i'm telling you this story: eventually, we moved back to oahu, and gave the chickens to our uncle. my evil rooster, spotty, became a champion cock fighter just like his father. i guess meanness was truly bred into them. hurricane iniki was coming, and we had to board up our windows, etc. i was so offended and traumatized that my parents wouldn't let us bring the chickens inside with us. we had to leave them in the carport, and i was sure they were going to die (they didn't). oddly enough, i don't remember anything else about the hurricane but that. i still might be a little bitter about it :)

vili and i went to a panel type thingy on human trafficking. basically, we learned that, as far as that panel was concerned, human trafficking is any time you do a job and are coerced, forced, exploited, or abused. (something like that. i can't really remember, and it's not really important.) the important part is that vili decided that he was a human slave as a child because he had to do chores and clean. i think he just wants to explore the possibility of getting a scholarship from it.

as excited as i am for disney world, i am about a hundred more times excited to try butterbeer at the wizarding world of harry potter. yeah, you're jealous.

and who says i can't put a picture of something Wonderful for Wordy Wednesday??


auntykaryn said...

Oh Latu. :) You are truly one of my favorite people! :) Have a fantastic time at DW...I've never been either, but I'm sure you will have a fab time, esp since you can go with Masey! :) Take care of that ankle!!!

Darby Arby and the Green Tie Guy said...

i love wordy Wednesday! i want to go back to Disney World. i'm so jealous!